About LBB

About The Company:

Let’s Be Brief (LBB) is the premiere underwear brand for the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) community and our allies. LBB is a lesbian-owned company focused on comfort, quality, fit and style.  Our boxer briefs and briefs embody a masculine look, paired with innovative style, to flatter different gender neutral body types and sizes.  We also offer hipsters and thongs cut for the  female-bodied. A percentage of sales is donated to support LGBTQ organizations each year.

The idea for Let’s Be Brief, Inc. started as an MBA project.  While everyone else was presenting on topics like “The Fall of the Icelandic Banking Industry” and “Ways to Innovate Electronic Medical Records,” Lindsay stood up in front of the audience to talk about something serious….underwear.  There were immediate laughs and a lot of confusion, but once she dug into the details, professors and students were offering her investment capital.

And wallah….LBB was born.  Well it was slightly more than just a wallah. It’s more of a formula: 1 dream + 1 year of planning + 10 team players = Let’s Be Brief!

Lindsay Krakauer, MBA:

As a young woman growing up in the suburban sprawl north of NYC, Lindsay wanted to dive into everything head first.  Guided by the Gemini sign, she tried her hand at everything and always felt torn between athletics, creative opportunities and the exciting world of math and science.  As she got older she learned to focus her energy on one thing at a time and make magic.  She also realized that she had a knack for bringing together talented people and harnessing their talents to make great things happen.  She thrives on traveling, meeting new people and continuing to learn and teach!

Book Lindsay To Speak at Your Event:

You can book Lindsay for speaking engagements/workshops on topics such as: Women and Business, Networking for Success, Building a Business Plan, Creating a Mission/Vision To Live By and LGBTQ Topics such as Leveraging Employee Resources Groups, Donating Your Time, Overcoming Workplace Obstacles, and many others.  To book Lindsay e-mail Lindsay@letsbbrief.com for availability and rates.