Pre Pride 2011 Festivities

So in the last two weeks Let's Be Brief has been involved in a few great pre-pride events in NYC and Boston.  We kicked it off with donating some undies to the the Dykes on Bicycles Pride Kick-Off Event called Booze Babes and Bicycles in Brooklyn!  We had such a blast listening to the Heliotropes, watching some crazy entertainers like Shelly Mars and donating some undies for the raffle!  Those ladies really know how to put on a show!

Next Diffuse 5, a Boston company bringing together queer business owners, held the FOUND Queer Fashion Show at Simmons College in Boston.  We had some great ladies, including our friends from All The Kings Men, strutting their stuff in our panties!

Then we hustled our butts to the NYC Dyke March Happy Hour Raffle event.  We entered into all the great raffles and donated some underwear for prizes!  Guess who is now attending the US OPEN?!  Winning tickets for free was the best surprise ever!

Exhausted but so excited for Pride NYC and Pride San Francisco!!!


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